We are proud of our unique brand of family dentistry. We offer an advanced technologically well equipped clinic designed for your comfort. We do everything we can to make your visit comfortable and informative so that way we help you to make informed decisions. We treat you with compassion and respect. Dentistry has many branches and each specialty includes numerous procedures. AT IMDC we offer peace of mind to achieve Dental Health for you and your family. For your convenience we have listed the different specialties and the procedures which IMDC provide.

Oral Surgery
Extractions, Surgical removal of impacted 3rd molars, Incision and drainage of abscess, Flap excision, Alveoloplasty

Root canal treatment, pulpotomy, apicectomy of anteriors, apexification

Supra and Subgingival scaling, Root planning, flap surgery, gingivectomy

Full denture, Removable of partial denture fabrication, Crown and bridge work

Removable appliances such as retraction plate, expansion plate, anterior and posterior bite plate

Cosmetic dentistry
Light cure composite(tooth colored), Build up of broken or chipped teeth, Treatment of discolored teeth, Replacement of missing teeth, Post crowns, Bridge work, Whitening of teeth

Conservative dentistry-
Amalgam fillings, Glass Ionomer fillings, Light cure composite fillings

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