Future Plans

The future expansion of IMDC will include new buildings to accommodate more in‐patient beds and private rooms, a wider range of diagnostic facilities which will include a CT/MRI scanner, as well as providing plenty of space for local GPs, rooms for community groups and a conference and teaching facility.

In the future as and when the space is available, IMDC Multi Specialty Centre will also add services such as;
• Cardiac invasive Lab
• Trauma centre
• Dialysis unit
• Psychiatry
• Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery
• Neurology
• Urology and Nephrology
• Oncology
• Medical and Surgical Gastroenterology
• Family Medicine
• Geriatrics
• Physical Medicine
• Infertility centre
• Medical library
• Orthopedics
• Cardiology
• Diabetology

Furthermore, Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology, Nutrition and weight loss clinics, and Holistic and Alternative medicine will also be conducted at IMDC Multi Specialty Hospital, making this the most comprehensive health care facility available in the Southern Province of the Republic of Maldives

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